Mission Crestwood fulfills a vital and critical role in Oldham County by providing resources to area families on the edge of poverty and homelessness. Mission Crestwood provides assistance to individuals (families) who visit with food, clothing, a network of referral services and sharing of God’s word.


The Closet: Providing clothing of all sizes, shoes, household items, sheets, towns, school supplies, diapers. Personal care items such as, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, deodorant and shampoo. Furniture needs are also addressed as used furniture and household appliances are donated. Over $92,000 in clothing and $15,000 in toiletries have been given to clients visiting Mission Crestwood.


The Pantry: Works in conjunction with The Closet and is coordinated with Dare to Care. Food from Dare to Care is provided on a weekly basis to families as needed. USDA Food boxes are available to families on a monthly basis. Over 509,000 pounds of food was distributed in 2014, an average of $20 per person.

Multi-Housing: Assisting families in time of need to help offset housing needs by connecting with agencies that will help with rent. Mission Crestwood provides what other agencies do not, such as, rides to court, help pay court fees, attorney fees, bus tickets, rides to work, car repairs or gas cards.

Thanksgiving Boxes: Families are identified throughout the year but primarily as they are served during the school year. Food included: Turkey, Green Beans, Corn, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Mac and Cheese, stuffing, dessert. Optional items: Cranberry Sauce, etc. In 2014, 350 Thanksgiving Boxes were prepared and distributed.

Christmas Store: In 2014, over 400 children received toys through the Christmas Store. Families with children are identified when they visit the Mission Crestwood Closet. Supporters such as AT&T, CBC andthe community help make these toys available.

Prison Release Ministry: Mission Crestwood provides clothing, personal care items and food immediately upon release to the McCauley and/Wright Houses. These individuals either come in or send size requests and they are pulled for them. This ministry is in collaboration with Prodigal Ministries. Mission Crestwood also works with the Oldham County Courts as placement for Community Service hours, pretrial services and assistance, as needed.

Lydia’s Ladies: Mission Crestwood helps Junior and Senior girls in Oldham County in collaboration with the Clothing Boutique with dresses and jewelry as they prepare to attend their school Prom.