Thanksgiving Boxes:

Families, who are identified throughout the year, receive boxes with everything needed for their Thanksgiving meal. Included in each box is a turkey, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, gravy, macaroni and cheese and dessert. In 2014, Thanksgiving boxes were filled and distributed to 350 families.

Christmas Store:

Children are identified when they visit The Closet or The Pantry with their families. Help from community supporters such as AT&T and Crestwood Baptist Church make it possible for 100’s of children to receive toys each Christmas. In 2014, over 400 children received toys through The Christmas Store.

Lydia’s Ladies:

Lydia’s Ladies assists Oldham County High School girls preparing for prom. Dresses, shoes, purses and jewelry are made available to the young women in collaboration with The Clothing Boutique.