Mission Crestwood is a volunteer driven organization striving to bring wholeness to the community through sharing the Gospel, establishing personal relationships and meeting the physical needs of individuals and families.

Our Mission

Mission Crestwood strives to bring wholeness to our community by expressing the love of Christ for all people. Mission Crestwood provides help, hope and opportunities for individuals and families in need. The assistance and support provided seeks to reach people’s physical and spiritual needs.

Our Vision

The purpose of Mission Crestwood is to serve the community by meeting the needs of its residents.
Mission Crestwood exists to:

  • Offer food, clothing and other essentials
  • Present the gospel and pray with individuals and families
  • Offer supports services for life skills training
  • Create a network of referral services for healthcare, education, employment and short-term housing


We need you! Please join us in making an impact in the lives of those in need.